Teeth Whitening

Using Philips Zoom Whitening System and Enlighten. Revel in the confidence of a brighter smile with our teeth whitening systems. Let your beautiful smile light up the room with its dazzling shine and vibrance.

How can I make my teeth whiter?

Here at Maldent, we offer Philips Zoom teeth whitening solutions.

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    Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

    Professional teeth whitening treatments can remove years of discolouration and stains from your teeth in a matter of days. Our teeth whitening treatments include a complete dental examination, customised bleach trays, and aftercare products. We are always available to answer any of your queries and concerns, be it be before or after the procedure.

    Professional Teeth Whitening or DIY?

    All professional teeth whitening treatments use hydrogen peroxide and UV lights. They are stronger and more effective than over-the-counter bleaching products and at-home kits. Our made-to-order whitening trays provide precise whitening for both your exterior and interior teeth.

    Along with cosmetic whitening, our services also include smile design makeovers and corrective dental procedures. We devise personalised plans for our patients that address any dental problems they have, from fillings, cavities, crooked teeth, scaling and polishing to teeth bleaching.

    Don’t wait any longer to get your youthful smile and confidence back. Take control by acting now.

    We use Philips Zoom and Enlighten for teeth whitening treatments. They are the most effective professional treatments to get whiter and healthier-looking teeth.

    Philips Zoom Whitening System

    Philips Zoom is a tooth whitening treatment done in-clinic by your dentist. It takes only an hour and can lighten your teeth’ colour up to eight shades. Philips Zoom uses ultraviolet light to trigger the bleaching agents in the peroxide gel to lighten your teeth.

    The procedure starts with our dentist applying a peroxide gel or bleaching agents to your teeth. Then the gel is exposed to the light from a lamp with UV rays. The light activates the bleach whitening gel on your teeth, lightening them from front to back.

    And you’re done!

    Maintenance and Aftercare

    The results from Philips Zoom whitening system will last you for almost six months or more, depending on your aftercare. After the treatment, you must:

    • Avoid dark coloured foods like tea, coffee, wine, or curries for at least a week
    • Do not use a stiff toothbrush as the enamel of your teeth is still sensitive after the bleach
    • Similarly, avoid aggressive brushing and flossing till your teeth and gums adjust to the treatment
    • Ask your dentist about the at home-based bleach trays that work as a touch-up between treatments
    • Invest in good quality whitening toothpaste and oral hygiene products like mouthwash and toothbrushes
    • Don’t use too many peroxide-based products after a whitening treatment as it can damage your teeth enamel

    Philips Zoom lightening system is a quick and effective tooth bleaching treatment for anyone who wants a brighter, whiter smile that looks natural. If you have any dentures or crowns, then Philips Zoom may not be the solution for you as it does not lighten the colour of artificial teeth. If you plan on getting a root canal, fillings, dentures, or bridges, inform your dentist before getting a whitening procedure. Our team of capable dentists will advise you on the best course of treatment and action plan for you.

    We also have alternative options for people who are not eligible or prefer other treatments. Book an appointment to get an in-house consultation for your Philips Zoom whitening system.

    Enlighten Whitening System

    Enlighten teeth whitening is a 2-week procedure that delivers a 98% guarantee of B1 colour. It is the lightest natural shade you can get on your teeth. The treatment is quite simple and starts with our dentist taking your teeth impressions for your at-home bleaching trays.

    Once your customised bleaching trays are ready, you will take them home to use with a specially formulated enlighten toothpaste and whitening gel. You will have to wear and use them for 14 consecutive days for your whitening to take effect.

    At the end of two weeks, your dentist will give you a final forty-minute treatment that bleaches your teeth to a brilliant even finish.

    Maintenance and Aftercare

    • There is no need to avoid any food during and after the Enlighten whitening treatment
    • It is effective for discoloured and dark teeth and can lighten the tooth colour for up to 16 shades.
    • You must refrigerate Enlighten whitening gels and treatments throughout the whole two-week procedure
    • It can take longer than two weeks for heavier discolouration. Your dentist is the best person to advise you on the time it will take
    • There is a minimal complaint of sensitivity and pain with Enlighten whitening system, though there are de-sensitising swabs for people with extreme sensitivity
    • It can last for three to four years with proper aftercare and oral hygiene
    • In the first year, you might need to use Enlighten gels for a top-up every couple of weeks or months, depending on your dentist’s advice
    • Enlighten does not work on any artificial teeth, dentures, crowns, or fillings
    • If you don’t get the desired B1 shade, Enlighten returns your money spent on their products, excluding the dental costs

    Enlighten lightening system is not a product but a complete tooth whitening treatment. It takes longer because it works to get out even the most stubborn stains from your teeth, bleaching them to a natural finish that lasts.

    An additional advantage of Enlighten whitening is that you can choose the colour you want for your teeth. If at any time during the treatment you feel that you have reached the desired shade, you can end it with the final bleach procedure.

    Whiter teeth start here…

    Our clinic offers short- and long-term payment plans for your ease and affordability. We also give late appointments after 7 pm for people with busy schedules and independent bookings to address your concerns.

    Our priority is to ensure your satisfaction and work with you as a team to deliver visible results.

    You don’t need to hide anymore. Transform your smile and embrace your confidence with a tooth whitening treatment that reveals your inner joy and happiness.

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