Dental Animations

Dental animations really help to illustrate treatments and procedures.

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    Why Are Dental Animations Useful?

    They can help you to observe the treatment or procedure beforehand.

    Find Dental Animations Below

    Here are some dental animations for the dental services that we provide: Click a dental service type below to go to the collection of animations…

    Oral Hygiene

    Regular scaling and polishing of the teeth is essential to the maintenance of oral health. We offer dedicated sessions with our hygenist, or as part of your regular examination. Power scaling and Whitening are other options to obtain that ‘gleaming’ smile.

    Mouth Rinse

    Gum Disease

    Sensitivity Treatment

    Acid Attack




    Brush Abrasion

    Interdental Brushing

    Tray Whitening

    Decay – Cervical

    Tartar Build up

    Probe Measurement

    Power Brushing


    We love to treat children and offer a friendly, personal service to gain their confidence and encourage good oral habits. We are proud to have been recognised as a child friendly practice by the Camdem PCT.

    Fissure Sealants


    Tooth Development

    Thumb Sucking

    Childrens Technique

    Infant Tooth Brushing


    Traditional amalgam and composite ‘white’ fillings are available. In addition, we offer gold inlays and onlays. We will advise you which is more appropriate for your dentition.

    Posterior Crown

    Post Crown

    White Inlay



    Adhesive Bridge (Metal 2-Wing)

    Adhesive Bridge (Metal 1-Wing)

    Bonded Crown


    Anterior Crown

    Drift and Overeruption

    Class II Div I Male

    Missing Tooth Options Anterior

    Missing Teeth Options

    Crown Options


    In conjunction with one of the largest laboratories in the country we offer a full range of acrylic and cobalt-chrome dentures.

    Denture Relining


    Over Denture

    Hawley Retainer

    Vacuum Formed Retainer

    Immediate Placement

    Chrome Dentures

    Dental Implants

    Our Dental Implant & Prosthetic Centre offers a complete service, from the initial consultation to surgical placement and final fitting.


    Implant Secured Denture

    Multi-Unit Implant Bridge

    Implant Long Term Maintenance

    Implant Crown Options

    All on 4

    Oral Surgery

    Experienced and skilled in oral surgery, we can carry out most extractions and oral surgery procedures in as painless manner as possible.

    Wisdom Teeth


    Dry Socket


    Occlusal Splint


    We carry out root treatments using the most up-to-date rotary endodontic techniques and hot gutta purcha obturation, to save that all important tooth.

    Root Treatment

    Root Treatment (Multi)

    Periapical Abscess

    Pro Taper


    In conjunction with the Orthodontic Consultant at the QE2 Hospital, WGC, we can carry out most removable and fixed appliance therapy.

    Removable Appliance

    Fixed Appliance

    Twin Blocks

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